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Co-space working – what to look for and how to thrive

Wednesday Jun 15, 2022

With the pandemic causing a rise in remote working and prompting many to explore starting their own business or going freelance, the demand for co-space working spots has naturally increased.

A co-working space is an environment where professionals from different companies come together to work and make use of various equipment and facilities.

Co-space working is a great alternative for freelancers who want a change of scene from working at home or in noisy coffee shops, or for small businesses who aren’t yet ready for the expense of renting a private office space.

Remote workers can use them as places where they can get together and work with others from within their own company, while freelancers and SME owners can forge new collections and collaborate with other professionals.

However, when choosing a co-working space, it’s important to think about what matters for your work and your business. If you’re looking for a space for a small to medium-sized team, then you might look for places that offer flexible rentable offices as well as individual desks. Alternatively, you might also want to choose a space that is designed for your particular industry. For instance, Yas Creative Hub is specifically designed for those working in media, entertainment and gaming looking for creative workspaces.

It’s also a good idea to consider things like how long it will take to commute to your co-working space, what the parking situation is, and if there are many places to eat or socialise with your new co-working buddies nearby.


Co-working at twofour54

Freelancers shaking hands

twofour54’s new home at Yas Creative Hub on Yas Island includes state-of-the-art, inspirational and modern co-working spaces that provide everything that media, entertainment and gaming entrepreneurs and professionals need to thrive and succeed.

Co-Create Hub workspace

The Co-create hub is filled with facilities and technologies that encourage individuals to connect and work with other imaginative pioneers.

It offers 70 fully connected, comfortable work stations that are ideal for those who work better when they’re able to talk and bounce ideas off others and who love the buzz and energy of an office environment.

Designed to encourage collaborations, the Co-Create space includes access to:

  • Printers
  • Meeting rooms
  • Brainstorming spaces
  • A co-working lounge
  • Vending machines
  • Phone booths

Creative Community Support Hub

Meanwhile, the Creative Community Support Hub is a super option for those who like to work independently.

If you find that you’re better able to focus when you have a bit of privacy and peace and quiet, the Creative Community Support Hub invites you to get stuck in and absorb yourself in creative projects from your own individual workstation.

Easy and convenient to use, the space includes 10 individual work stations, printers and lockers that are all set within a bright, airy and welcoming environment.


If you’re a creative individual working in film, TV, publishing, music, gaming, animation or illustration, then the co-lab will help you meet and connect with others in your industry.

Here you can work alongside a nurturing and inspiring community, join in workshops with other like-minded individuals, work on your latest projects and simply hangout in the lounge area.

Welcoming everyone from eager students to established professionals, the facilities include:

  • Editing and sound suites
  • Film studio
  • Large meeting rooms
  • A comfortable lounge
  • Gaming area
  • Work stations
  • Stage area for screenings, performances or workshops

Shared office spaces in Abu Dhabi

But the benefits of being part of Yas Creative Hub’s co-working community doesn’t stop here.

As well as the beautifully designed co-space working spots, freelancers and SMEs are also invited to explore an array of cutting-edge shared spaces.

Truly unique environments that have each been carefully planned to suit the needs of Abu Dhabi’s vibrant community of creative talents, Yas Creative Hub also offers the following shared areas:

  • Demo Hall – The ideal place to showcase and launch your new products, create buzz around your company and potentially meet your next business partner or investor.
  • Media Break Area – If you need to film any kind of content, you’ll find all the pre-production and production facilities you need in this shiny new media hub.
  • Screening Room – Accommodating over 50 people, this comfortable screening room is perfect for showing off your latest cinematic masterpieces.
  • Town Hall – With room to seat over 150 people, the Town Hall is where creatives gather for large scale talks, meetings and workshops. The innovative space includes a professional audio and lighting system, and it can also be split into two areas if needed.
  • Meeting and board rooms – Suitable for six to ten people, the meeting rooms allow you to discuss and plan your next ventures in total comfort and privacy whilst gaining access to smart boards, screens and virtual call equipment.
  • Breakout Lounge – We all need to get a break from our desks from time to time. The Breakout Lounge invites you to relax and take a breather, or meet with other professionals in a casual and upbeat environment.
  • Majlis – If you’re meeting with VIPs or high-profile investors, this sleek and luxurious meeting room is guaranteed to leave them impressed and show them you mean business.

Yas Creative Hub offers ample parking and is centrally located just one hour from Dubai and 30 minutes from Downtown Abu Dhabi. Not only that, but the restaurants, cafes and bars of Yas Bay’s Waterfront are all found just steps away, so you’ll always have plenty of options for when you want to go-out and socialise with your fellow creative talents.


As you can see, Yas Creative Hub has so much to offer as a vibrant and invigorating co-working space. Become a part of Abu Dhabi’s creative ecosystem now, get in touch for details.


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