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Why the ADGaming Hub contains endless opportunities for gaming businesses and freelancers

Tuesday Jan 25, 2022

Yas Bay is officially open for business, and we’re sure that many of you have already visited and admired the new, state-of-the-art facility that is Yas Creative Hub.

Indeed, this amazing new area isn’t just a hotspot for dining and entertainment, it’s also about to become the epicentre for the region’s most incredible gaming talents.

One major part of Yas Creative Hub’s unique offering is the Gaming Hub.

Created in partnership with Unity, the cross-platform game engine, ADGaming hub contains every possible resource that gaming businesses and freelancers could ever want.


What is the ADGaming hub and how can you set up a business there? 

The ADGaming Hub is a 300 sqm space found at Yas Creative Hub on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi’s amazing new media and entertainment destination.

Designed to unite and empower the most talented creators and innovators in the gaming industry, it provides a meeting place for talented, passionate and original professionals from across the region.

Boasting cutting-edge facilities and tools, ADGaming aims to transform the emirate into one of the world’s leading gaming hubs and every little detail has been perfectly tailored to foster creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Created in partnership with twofour54, Abu Dhabi’s vibrant and innovative media zone, ADGaming also offers 57 bespoke gaming and eSports licenses. Suitable for companies of all sizes and freelancers, the set-up options are super flexible. Each trade license comes with ongoing support from a dedicated customer service team, plus access to a range of tools and resources.


What benefits does ADGaming hub offer for gaming businesses and freelancers?

The ADGaming hub is on a mission to boost the region’s gaming industry, showcase Abu Dhabi’s creative talents and highlight why it is one of the best places in the world for gaming.

We could go on and on about the many brilliant benefits that it offers gaming businesses and freelancers, but the below are some of the key things to note:


  • It empowers local gaming talents and encourages them to tell their storiesADGaming aims to uplift gamers, invite them to take their content to the next level and bring the stories they want to tell to life.It connects creative artists, including those who specialise in comics and animations, with game developers who can adapt these stories into different mediums.
  • It encourages collaboration with other gaming companies Home to a huge family of gaming developers, artists, and over 1000 multilingual freelancers, the inspiring facility has partnered with some of the biggest names in the MENA region’s gaming industry.
  • It offers endless tools and resourcesThe resources at ADGaming are second to none. Whether game developers are looking for training, technical or strategic coaching or consultancy services, they can find it all.
  • It aims to educate and inspire ADGaming is also dedicated to developing the region’s young talents and helping those who are just starting their gaming career.Through partnering with some of the UAE’s most well-respected educational institutions such as Abu Dhabi University, NYU Abu Dhabi, Higher Colleges of Technology and University of Sharjah, AD Gaming is providing courses in areas as diverse as AI, virtual reality, game development and coding skills.Participants will also be able to get a further leg up onto the career ladder by undergoing industry work experience with some of the hub’s leading brands and partners.


What other gaming companies are at Yas Creative Hub?

So many huge businesses have already chosen to join Yas Creative Hub. This includes eSports masters Flash Entertainment, UAE Pro League and the Emirates Esports Association, plus gaming geniuses Kashkool Games, Khousouf Games, RobocomVR and Boss Bunny.

The latter is a particularly exciting addition. Founded in Abu Dhabi, Boss Bunny is leading the way when it comes to mobile game development. Having already made waves across the region and a proud partner of twofour54, it is soon to become the Middle Eastern arm of the US company Waysun Inc, which focuses on entertainment and video games. This exciting agreement will enable Boss Bunny to grow its offering and achieve even greater levels of success.

Don’t miss out, join Yas Creative Hub now.


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